You Don't Have to Live With Pain!

People in the Charlotte area often think that pain is something they have to live with. The truth is, you don't have to live with it. If you've tried other treatment options and you're starting to lose hope, learn more about our proven SRS Therapy™ protocols!

Charlotte Pain Management

Total Pain Management

“Within two weeks of treatment, my pain was 90% gone. My quality of life has completely come back. I couldn’t imagine going back to where I was before treatment.” - Dustin P

Our Charlotte pain management approach combines some of the best treatments with breakthrough technology to address your pain. Learn more.

SRS Therapy™ Protocols

“During my first consultation, I found out something I never knew about my back. When I fell in 2009, I broke a vertebra in my spine. Out of all the doctors I’d been to, no one ever found the problem. Dynamic Health was the first.” – Caroline H

Our proven SRS Therapy™  protocols separate Dynamic Health & Pain Management from other clinics in the country. Utilizing these innovative treatment protocols, we have a very high success rate when it comes to treating the root cause of pain symptoms. Learn more.

Breakthrough Technology

“This facility is unlike any other. The equipment is unlike anything I’ve seen at previous rehabilitation facilities.” - Caroline C.

Charlotte pain management used to be synonymous with pain pills. At Dynamic Health & Pain Management, we use innovative technology and treatments to provide pain relief without the complications or side effects of addictive drugs. Learn more.

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